Simple ways to do charity: Remembering Edhi

What would you think of a man who believed on two key principles of life: serving the humanity and worshiping the Almighty? A man who killed all his materialistic temptations and instead put other people’s needs over his own? A man who aspired nothing but to aid the poor?
Last year, on this same day, Pakistan had to bear the sorrowful loss of one of the most respected humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. His journey of life was unbelievable, he has achieved something that is rare and beyond comparison in human history. The entire nation had a strong respect of the efforts he made for 88 years of his life. From childhood, Edhi has been learning the importance of act of self-less ness and charity. He was not only able to build the largest ambulance service in the world but was able to set up and run (with the help of his wife and loved ones) an incredible organization called Edhi Foundation.

Even to serve as the last act of selflessness, Edhi wished his organs to be donated after death but only his cornea could be supportive as the other organs were not healthy condition.
For all the altruistic efforts that Edhi made for his nation, 8th July has been declared as National Charity Day in Pakistan.

So what did we learn from him?

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a role model, he inspired and set an example to entire humankind that we should struggle to be less self-centered, that others people views should not be a big concern and that getting world-class education is not only a way to make difference but rather an open mind, passion and active body.


Why should you do charity?

Giving from what we are given and imagining how it will make an impact on other people’s life has its own way of attaining pleasure and self-satisfaction. Every donation by individuals can lead to decrease in poverty and a better world (Of course!). When you give your priority to aiding those are in need and poor, you are accomplishing your duty as being a human. You are taking step backward from hindrance of being selfish and strive to the idea of spreading generosity.
No only giving small amount of money to local charity organizations is a great idea but you can also find some other ways to help. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Every act of kindness is a Sadaqa (charity)” (Bukhari, Muslim).

So, here are some ways:
• Plant something edible for people or animals to be benefited from.
• Donate your old clothing, mattresses, old furniture, books or anything you basically    don’t use anymore.
• Educate a child for free.
• Give presents.
• Say a kind word or praise anyone you know.
• Plant a tree for to people to rest and get some shade.
• Set up a water dispenser or a lemonade stall on a hot day.
• Increase someone debt time or forgive it.
• Volunteer in an charity organization.
• Join a cause and write about it on social media or on your blog.
• Help your friend or loved ones on their hectic tasks.
• Keep a dustbin in public place.
• Don’t mock or say unkind words.
• Giveaway your leftover food.
• Keep a bowl of water or animal food outside.
• Visit a patient and if they are in need, help them by paying bills.
• Forgive and forget.

Lastly, make sure your charity is going to the right person or organization. Hope this blog has encouraged you to be a helping hand. Any other ideas you have besides these? Share in the comments below. Happy National Charity Day!


12 relatable things happen in Ramadan

Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic year where muslims refrain themselves from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset. This holy month teaches muslims to get in control of their temptations and deeds. It also realizes the distress of what it’s like being hungry and thirsty to feel the pain of needy and poor.

Although Ramadan is all about spreading generosity and devoting one self to Allah but here are some of funny relatable things that happen with Muslims during this month:

1. Your excitement is at the highest level.


2. When your mom wakes you up an hour early but she tells you there are only 5 minutes left.

tenor (4)

3.  It seems like you never had water.

tenor (1).gif
4. When you can’t stop thinking of food.

tenor (3).gif
5. When your eyes are constantly on the clock.

tenor (5).gif

6. When you think of going on diet but you can’t resist.

tenor (2)

7. You suddenly become a regular namazi.

tenor (10).gif


8. When there is only 5 minutes left for fajr and you discover you have superpowers of eating fast.

tenor (6).gif
9. Your breath smells disgusting.

tenor (7).gif
10. You have a halal date every evening.


11. You skip songs.

tenor (12).gif

12. When keeping Roza is unbelievable for Non Muslims friends.


So without a doubt, it’s your favourite month of the year.

tenor (8).gif And you miss Ramadan once it’s over.

tenor (11)

Ramadan Kareem everyone. Hope you all have a blessed one.

Questioning milk!

This happened a few days ago. As I was at work and I needed a hand for my tasks so I requested my colleague but he didn’t respond, his face was filled with nervousness. Seeing his worried look, I asked him what was wrong. He replied that his son was not well as he had loose milk. He kept complaining about the how unhealthy milk is these days. That it is not hygienic enough to drink.  If it is not hygienic, how can it be nutritious? Where can we get a proper clean wholesome milk? How will we know the milk is reliable enough to drink? These questions were to heavily think about. So I started researching whenever I got a chance and came across aseptic processing and packing. This method is for liquid food products, enabling otherwise easily spoiled food items to be packaged, distributed and stored for long periods without the need for cooling or additives. In the aseptic process, liquid foods and drinks are sterilized by rapidly heating up to ultra high temperatures and equally rapid cooling before packaging or filling. Tetra Pak aseptic packaging provides high-quality packaging and long life to the products. They use UHT process (Ultra High Temperature)  the milk is heated at a high boiling point and quickly cooled in 3-4 seconds. In this way, the germs and bacteria in the milk are killed without losing its taste, look and nutrients. This process helps the milk stay clean and away from germs when the package is not opened. But Remember! Once opened, it should be stored in the fridge and consumed in the same conditions. When it is not opened, the product in Tetra Pak has a shelf life of 3 months and should be consumed in 2-3 days. The UHT products does not contain any preservatives. Thanks to UHT and aseptic packaging technologies, the milk has long life and aseptic package prevents milk from external factors such as air and light as well. the big surprise!

Those of you who are working and jobseekers are well aware of One of the best Pakistan’s job hunting website has fulfilled the dream of many. It has given a platform for people to practice what they love. But this time Rozee is preparing for something huge. It is planning for a surprise yet again. They have given us a hint by revealing the alphabet “E”which looks pretty eye-catching. They are setting up to launch “THE THRILLING SURPRISE” on 19th February 2016. What is this “E”? Can’t wait to find out!


Milk: Which to prefer?

Searching through the dairy shelves, you find different milk products. Each specifies its own qualities. Each guarantees to be pure. Each promises for healthy living and for better taste. Therefore, you don’t want to compromise on your fitness and you want a good source of protein and bone-building calcium in your diet. But the disappointing fact is ‘Milk’ is one of the most adulterated so-called whole foods in the market today. Adulteration in milk these days has become very common. It reduces that the quality of milk and can have its own risks. However, there is one brand that is premium choice for the people who values healthy living. Dayfresh Milk!

giphy (1)

Dairy Land Pvt Ltd came into being in 2009 and since then it’s been providing its consumers with fresh and healthy dairy products without any preservatives added. They have their own farms filled with Australian cows and also welcome their consumers to come and visit their farms.


Why prefer Day fresh milk? Because it is 100% real and pure with no human touch and antibiotic injections.


Other than Day fresh’s variety in flavoured milk and yoghurts , they are even planning to bring up some breakfast goods such as Jams, Jellies, Juices, Butter and Cheese. Wow!

Donutz Gonutz!

It’ll probably be tough to choose just a few things to have with your coffee when you’ll visit this place and as a natural dessert lover I had to try this bakery. Donutz Gonutz offers a variety of bake items including delicious savory sandwiches and milkshakes. Its ingredients are fresh and healthy which are ordered straight from Malaysia and Australia.


One thing which is great about this bakery provides a bunch of different tastes when it comes to donuts and their prices are pretty decent.

Donutz Gonutz (3)

Their cakes are fab as well. My favourite: NUTELLA BROWNIE AND TRUFFLES!


So, Overall Donutz Gonutz is wonderful and I will definitely recommend you to try it!

How to get there:

Branch 1: Shop no 1 plot no. 7 -c Badar Commercial 10, Phase V.
Contact no: 021 35841600


Branch 2:  Plot no c6c/2, Nishat Commercial lane, DHA Phase III – Karachi.
Contact no: 021 35841700


Branch 3: Rahat commercial building no. 34 c, shop no. 2, Rahat residency, DHA Phase VI, Karachi.
Contact no: 021 35841200


Branch 4: 62 c shop 2-A market, near Student Biryani, DHA Phase II, Karachi.
Contact no: 03000224242.


4 great things about the recent Tapal campaign #TumMeinAurAikCupChai:

  1. Wife also gets tired of working all day

For most husbands, if the wives are not going out and working 9 to 5, they shouldn’t be using the phrase “I am tired!” It is completely fair for the wives to complain against their husbands who think they always sit around and do nothing.  Despite staying at home the entire day, they also get exhausted doing all house-hold chores, managing the house, taking care of the kids, cooking meals for the whole family and what not.


  1. Husband makes a cup of tea for her

The campaign has emphasized on gender roles reversal where the husband is encouraged to make a cup of tea and appreciate the importance of her hard work.


  1. Fawad Khan (Of course!)

Not only that he is wow-looking but his romantic side was also disclosed through a Tapal competition video. And guess what? He also makes tea for his wife.

fawad bhai

By the way, you can also win lots of exciting gifts by tagging your husband on this video uploaded on Tapal’s facebook page.



P.S: It is not a bad idea to ask your husband to make a cup of tea for you.


  1. Lastly, the chai itself.

Tea AKA relaxation treat, is the best conversation starter and best way to avoid awkward situations. Tapal has been serving their cup of joys for past several years and is one of the top chai brand. It’s refreshing taste and pleasant aroma can make any day better.

Tapal-DD-GIF-3 (1)



Writing 101, Day 2: Write a list

Things I like:
• to travel
• to learn a new piece of knowledge
• going for a walk/Jog during sunrise especially in winters
• a good book.
• when my recipe turns out to be delicious.
• watching a great movie/ show
• baking
• My nephews and playing with them.
• Photoshopping, web designing, and writing.
• Finding old money in pocket
• Playing video games with siblings/friends.
• Mall and shopping
• Leather jackets and boots
• Intellectual debates and lectures
• Food.
• Cycling, swimming, gyming
• Learning new sport.
• Late night outings.
• Being content with a blog and finally publishing it.

Writing 101, Day 1: I write because . . .

Why do I write? Good question. Never have I thought about it but let’s give it a try. Since I am the kind of a person who has a hard time finding the correct terms and conveying my thoughts into words, so I am always struggling how to put pen to paper. A blank page is a nightmare. Staring at you. Taunting at you as if you are the maniac. Realizing that you are the one being tortured but I like learning and improving. Life is an opportunity to experiment. Hence, the more you experiment the more you become better.
Writing is a wonderful way to express your views, opinions, ideas. This why I write: It is a source to my thoughts. It is a way to convey my views. I write to experience the adventures I normally can not have in everyday life. I write because it gives me pleasure.

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