I woke up earlier than usual. The alarm pulled me out of my deep slumber. I got up at an instant as I did not want to get late on this big day. A new chapter was to start. My First day of college. My feelings were ambiguous. Excited, however, a little nervous as well. Anxious as I was, I took a shower, had a quick breakfast and eased out of the door.
I arrived pretty early to the side, it hardly took 10 minutes drive. As I reached the gate, I saw a huge banner hanging right beneath the name AMS College For Women: “Welcome newcomers!” I pass through it and saw a humongous crowd. Looking around, unable to search for my friends. I immediately took out my phone, “Just great!” feeling disappointed while I read their texts “they are not coming, now I am all alone.”
A few seconds later, a lady with a screechy voice made an announcement about our classes. There is where I got all confused. I could not figure out where my class was. So to get help, I asked a bunch of seniors who were standing right across me.
“Hey. Do you know where economics class for first-year is? I can’t find it” I said politely
“Sure, but first give me your money.” Laughing at me.
“You heard me. Give me your money” they badgered.
Realizing now, that I am not getting mugged but ragged. Probably, the first one in the entire college. Nowhere to go, I had no choice but to hand over the little money I had. Moving on, I went inside the building and I asked a girl the same question.
“There some classes going on up the roof.” She replied.
“Okay, thanks!”
I hurried up and reached the top floor where I saw nothing but a few rocks.
“Not again!” I squealed.
Another prank, this is bad. I can not believe how furious I am. First, My friends ditched me then I get mugged and now this. Worst day ever.
Luckily, a teacher saw me and guided me to my class. This time, I reached the right floor and right place.
My anger fueled a bit more as I saw my friends sitting right in the corner.
“Why did you guys text me that you all weren’t coming?”
“Come on Sania! It was just a joke.”