November 2015

Writing 101, Day 2: Write a list

Things I like:
• to travel
• to learn a new piece of knowledge
• going for a walk/Jog during sunrise especially in winters
• a good book.
• when my recipe turns out to be delicious.
• watching a great movie/ show
• baking
• My nephews and playing with them.
• Photoshopping, web designing, and writing.
• Finding old money in pocket
• Playing video games with siblings/friends.
• Mall and shopping
• Leather jackets and boots
• Intellectual debates and lectures
• Food.
• Cycling, swimming, gyming
• Learning new sport.
• Late night outings.
• Being content with a blog and finally publishing it.


Writing 101, Day 1: I write because . . .

Why do I write? Good question. Never have I thought about it but let’s give it a try. Since I am the kind of a person who has a hard time finding the correct terms and conveying my thoughts into words, so I am always struggling how to put pen to paper. A blank page is a nightmare. Staring at you. Taunting at you as if you are the maniac. Realizing that you are the one being tortured but I like learning and improving. Life is an opportunity to experiment. Hence, the more you experiment the more you become better.
Writing is a wonderful way to express your views, opinions, ideas. This why I write: It is a source to my thoughts. It is a way to convey my views. I write to experience the adventures I normally can not have in everyday life. I write because it gives me pleasure.

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