1. Wife also gets tired of working all day

For most husbands, if the wives are not going out and working 9 to 5, they shouldn’t be using the phrase “I am tired!” It is completely fair for the wives to complain against their husbands who think they always sit around and do nothing.  Despite staying at home the entire day, they also get exhausted doing all house-hold chores, managing the house, taking care of the kids, cooking meals for the whole family and what not.


  1. Husband makes a cup of tea for her

The campaign has emphasized on gender roles reversal where the husband is encouraged to make a cup of tea and appreciate the importance of her hard work.


  1. Fawad Khan (Of course!)

Not only that he is wow-looking but his romantic side was also disclosed through a Tapal competition video. And guess what? He also makes tea for his wife.

fawad bhai

By the way, you can also win lots of exciting gifts by tagging your husband on this video uploaded on Tapal’s facebook page.



P.S: It is not a bad idea to ask your husband to make a cup of tea for you.


  1. Lastly, the chai itself.

Tea AKA relaxation treat, is the best conversation starter and best way to avoid awkward situations. Tapal has been serving their cup of joys for past several years and is one of the top chai brand. It’s refreshing taste and pleasant aroma can make any day better.

Tapal-DD-GIF-3 (1)