February 2016 the big surprise!

Those of you who are working and jobseekers are well aware of One of the best Pakistan’s job hunting website has fulfilled the dream of many. It has given a platform for people to practice what they love. But this time Rozee is preparing for something huge. It is planning for a surprise yet again. They have given us a hint by revealing the alphabet “E”which looks pretty eye-catching. They are setting up to launch “THE THRILLING SURPRISE” on 19th February 2016. What is this “E”? Can’t wait to find out!


Milk: Which to prefer?

Searching through the dairy shelves, you find different milk products. Each specifies its own qualities. Each guarantees to be pure. Each promises for healthy living and for better taste. Therefore, you don’t want to compromise on your fitness and you want a good source of protein and bone-building calcium in your diet. But the disappointing fact is ‘Milk’ is one of the most adulterated so-called whole foods in the market today. Adulteration in milk these days has become very common. It reduces that the quality of milk and can have its own risks. However, there is one brand that is premium choice for the people who values healthy living. Dayfresh Milk!

giphy (1)

Dairy Land Pvt Ltd came into being in 2009 and since then it’s been providing its consumers with fresh and healthy dairy products without any preservatives added. They have their own farms filled with Australian cows and also welcome their consumers to come and visit their farms.


Why prefer Day fresh milk? Because it is 100% real and pure with no human touch and antibiotic injections.


Other than Day fresh’s variety in flavoured milk and yoghurts , they are even planning to bring up some breakfast goods such as Jams, Jellies, Juices, Butter and Cheese. Wow!

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