Ramadan is the 9th month of Islamic year where muslims refrain themselves from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset. This holy month teaches muslims to get in control of their temptations and deeds. It also realizes the distress of what it’s like being hungry and thirsty to feel the pain of needy and poor.

Although Ramadan is all about spreading generosity and devoting one self to Allah but here are some of funny relatable things that happen with Muslims during this month:

1. Your excitement is at the highest level.


2. When your mom wakes you up an hour early but she tells you there are only 5 minutes left.

tenor (4)

3.  It seems like you never had water.

tenor (1).gif
4. When you can’t stop thinking of food.

tenor (3).gif
5. When your eyes are constantly on the clock.

tenor (5).gif

6. When you think of going on diet but you can’t resist.

tenor (2)

7. You suddenly become a regular namazi.

tenor (10).gif


8. When there is only 5 minutes left for fajr and you discover you have superpowers of eating fast.

tenor (6).gif
9. Your breath smells disgusting.

tenor (7).gif
10. You have a halal date every evening.


11. You skip songs.

tenor (12).gif

12. When keeping Roza is unbelievable for Non Muslims friends.


So without a doubt, it’s your favourite month of the year.

tenor (8).gif And you miss Ramadan once it’s over.

tenor (11)

Ramadan Kareem everyone. Hope you all have a blessed one.