What would you think of a man who believed on two key principles of life: serving the humanity and worshiping the Almighty? A man who killed all his materialistic temptations and instead put other people’s needs over his own? A man who aspired nothing but to aid the poor?
Last year, on this same day, Pakistan had to bear the sorrowful loss of one of the most respected humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. His journey of life was unbelievable, he has achieved something that is rare and beyond comparison in human history. The entire nation had a strong respect of the efforts he made for 88 years of his life. From childhood, Edhi has been learning the importance of act of self-less ness and charity. He was not only able to build the largest ambulance service in the world but was able to set up and run (with the help of his wife and loved ones) an incredible organization called Edhi Foundation.

Even to serve as the last act of selflessness, Edhi wished his organs to be donated after death but only his cornea could be supportive as the other organs were not healthy condition.
For all the altruistic efforts that Edhi made for his nation, 8th July has been declared as National Charity Day in Pakistan.

So what did we learn from him?

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a role model, he inspired and set an example to entire humankind that we should struggle to be less self-centered, that others people views should not be a big concern and that getting world-class education is not only a way to make difference but rather an open mind, passion and active body.


Why should you do charity?

Giving from what we are given and imagining how it will make an impact on other people’s life has its own way of attaining pleasure and self-satisfaction. Every donation by individuals can lead to decrease in poverty and a better world (Of course!). When you give your priority to aiding those are in need and poor, you are accomplishing your duty as being a human. You are taking step backward from hindrance of being selfish and strive to the idea of spreading generosity.
No only giving small amount of money to local charity organizations is a great idea but you can also find some other ways to help. As Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Every act of kindness is a Sadaqa (charity)” (Bukhari, Muslim).

So, here are some ways:
• Plant something edible for people or animals to be benefited from.
• Donate your old clothing, mattresses, old furniture, books or anything you basically    don’t use anymore.
• Educate a child for free.
• Give presents.
• Say a kind word or praise anyone you know.
• Plant a tree for to people to rest and get some shade.
• Set up a water dispenser or a lemonade stall on a hot day.
• Increase someone debt time or forgive it.
• Volunteer in an charity organization.
• Join a cause and write about it on social media or on your blog.
• Help your friend or loved ones on their hectic tasks.
• Keep a dustbin in public place.
• Don’t mock or say unkind words.
• Giveaway your leftover food.
• Keep a bowl of water or animal food outside.
• Visit a patient and if they are in need, help them by paying bills.
• Forgive and forget.

Lastly, make sure your charity is going to the right person or organization. Hope this blog has encouraged you to be a helping hand. Any other ideas you have besides these? Share in the comments below. Happy National Charity Day!